Road to Infamy Kickstarter Preview

Road To Infamy

Road to Infamy is a gangster style board game. Its gameplay is pretty straightforward and vicious. It is very different from other card games. All the turns are made simultaneously. Nobody waits for opponents to make a turn. Nobody knows in advance what actions they take. Special cards allow you to bribe the police, buy contraband and hire gangsters with different skills. After each three turns, the highest bidder in each category wins score. Choose a correct way to act to win on each field. The player’s behavior influences the next turns. For example, bribing the cop you can make him confiscate only specific resources in next turns. Otherwise, the cop is neutral and plays against everyone.

There are four resources and four gangster teams in the game. Each team corresponds to one resource. For example, the Cartel has 2 points for chemicals, the bandits have it for jewels, the hackers have it for data and the rebels have 2 points for guns.

Ten minutes may be enough to learn the rules, but the game is to be replayed many times for the same situation can never repeat. Take the city under your control and hold it tightly with your bloody hands to pave your Road to Infamy! However, you can do one very good deed before becoming a prosperous criminal boss. Support the Road to Infamy within the Kickstarter campaign.

Road To Infamy - Gangster Board Game -- Kicktraq Mini

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