Rift: Saga of a Dying World Kickstarter Preview


Such a nice day to back up another one kickstarter board game, but “Rift: Saga of a Dying World” is not just another one, that’s for sure. Just look at those arts and characters made by a great talented illustrator Emily Block! Let’s have a closer look at this project.

Back in the day, The Dying World was a quiet and peaceful place, which was covered by the miracle forests, blue oceans and high mountains… But then the Rift appeared and the terrible disasters are destroying the planet. Even worse, the Rift power has summoned the immortal warriors from the universe to fight with each other when the world is crushing around them.

This is colorful and great designed game with unique characters that have the individual abilities and their own story and background. These characters are completely different from each not only by the appearance but also by the abilities and skills. This feature really characterizes the game from the other ones. Character’s individuality does matter!

As for the gameplay, there are a lot of strategy, action and chaos. The battles are presented by taking control over the game board center, eliminating your opponents and capturing the Rift power.

The “Rift” impressed us all with an outstanding characters and setting which is attractive to the eye! The kickstarter campaign is on and the time is running out… The “Rift” has gained $5,977 out of $7,500 goal and you can still bring this brilliant game alive! Use your chance!
Rift: Saga of a Dying World -- Kicktraq Mini