«Renegades: Destiny Aurora Chronicles» Kickstarter Preview

Renegades Destiny Aurora Chronicles

Have you ever seen a strategy board game created by a famous sci-fi writer and producer like Frank Zanca? Such a game is about to be born. And you can help it by visiting the Kickstarter campaign web page and making your donation. Frank is famous for films like ‘Six Gun Savior’, ‘Just the 3 of us’ and, of course, for the ‘Star Trek: Renegades’. Afterward, he assembled a team of talented sci-fi fans to make a cool board game for 2-4 people. It includes everything that sci-fi fans like. Renegades: Destiny Aurora Chronicles includes space battles and missions on different planets engaging lots of space civilizations.

The contents of the box will be 34 figures depicting characters and ships of coalition and renegades, 20 locations in space and planet surfaces, 180 cards and printed materials. In this game, you may do a monkey business of renegades or take care of the law and order being a member of the coalition. Whoever you are, you should build and equip spaceships with five crew members for each one. Randomly built locations and fight against both your opponents and ultimate enemies and villains will make this game re-playable many times. And at the end of the battle, the face of the galaxy may change forever. Have your copy of the game and determine the destiny of the galaxy!

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