Remedy Kickstarter Preview


Good day, folks! Here’s the question – is there anyone who likes to be ill? I don’t think so, there’s nothing pleasant in this situation for sure. But still, if you are ill what do you usually do? Of course, you might say that you take some special pills, stay in bed and eat a chicken soup to feel good again. “Remedy: The Card game” is dedicated to such things – how to overcome the illness. Such a cool idea, isn’t it? Let’s get deeper into the game!

First of all, there are two decks in the gameplay. First one contains all the Illness cards and it has a white color and the second one which is green colored has action cards and cards which reduce the illness. The thing is that illness card is on the table face up and you need to reduce the number depicted on it to zero. You can use such cards as “delicious soup” or “snuggly bed” to do this. Also, such cards as “week-old burrito” or “glass of toilet water” (ughhh!) which make the healing process much diddicult. These “bad” cards can help you to ruin your opponents and make the game even more fun! As for the rules, it is so easy to understand and learn them because that game is fast-paced and humorous.

How to play?

remedy - how to play
To sum it all up, “Remedy: The Card Game” is hugely fun and easy game for 2-5 players which will take away your sadness and boredom. It’s time to step up on the kickstarter campaign and help the guys from “Sheep Tree studios” to make things possible! They already gained $586 out of $5,000 and there still time to help them.
Remedy: The Card Game -- Kicktraq Mini