«Random Encounters» Kickstarter Preview

Random Encounters

This is the RPG Card Game which was designed by «Regular People Gaming».

Random Encounters is a cooperative board game for 1-4 players and ages 13. It takes 20 minutes per player to experience the game.

This project has been designing for two and a half years by Joshua Garrett and Jordan Basaldua. They’re just two regular people who love games and they have learned how to use Photoshop by watching YouTube videos and from books. So they can design the cards and create the artwork by themselves.

This game had a lot of play-testings at comic and game shops, contests and on the dining room table. The thing is just about to finish the artwork (about 15 out of 175 unique images to go) and the developers are confident that with your help we can get «Random Encounters» created. If they will reach their goal, so then they can afford the «Random Encounters» printed, boxed, and shipped all over the world!

You can support these guys in kickstarter’s campaign right here! They really need your help!

Random Encounters - The RPG Card Game! -- Kicktraq Mini