Railroads Second Edition – Special Run

Railroads (2nd edition) - Special Run

In the second edition of Railroads we can see the redesign of map and box. Now, the map is made of cloth inspired by art-deco. Also, cards were printed on a vintage press which is quite good for their quality!

railroads - board game

As for the game basics it is worth mentioning about following:

Game Basics

Stock Rounds:

  • New founded companies
  • Players carefully divide their limited stock tokens
  • Players form makeshift alliances
  • Players can move stock tokens which changes the balance
  • Companies are financed with new investors
  • Companies are abandoned and left as fodder

Track Rounds:

  • Company Presidents are building new tracks
  • New connections are available
  • Presidents agree to profitable mergers (or refuse takeover)
  • Companies can consume other companies
  • Companies with more players are developing faster and become stronger
  • Companies with just one player grow very slowly


  • More tracks lead to more profit!
  • Make sure to invest in the best companies at the right time!
  • Multiple ways of dirty playing in both the stock rounds and the track rounds! It’s up to you to find them and make the great profit!

This game has gained 6,638$ out of 5,000$ and it’s still on! Feel free to back it via Kickstarter campaign!

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