PWNs Kickstarter Preview

PWNs: A Game of Strategic Mayhem

Hello, people! Sometimes, board games are connected with reading and learning big manuals and it’s hard to concentrate on the game itself. But it’s certainly not about the “PWNs”! Looks like the idea of board game simplification is wide-spread nowadays and we feel happy about that. Let’s see the details of the game!

First of all, “PWNs” is a strategic board game where you will need to gather your own team which consists of four PWNs. The turn is divided into three phases which are – 1) Movement, 2) Attack and 3) Health. The movement itself is carried out by moving tiles on terrain. During the Attack phase, you need to choose one PWN from your team and play an attack or an elemental card from your hand. Health phase allows you to use health cards to heal your PWN. If you don’t have any of health cards you miss the phase.

Also, you need to know that there are a lot of terrain types like grass, dirt, dry grass, water, ice, fire and hole. All these types of terrain can affect damage to your PWN. So, don’t forget to watch your step!

To sum it up, we have extra-fun, extra-simple, super-replayable and greatly-designed game for the whole family! So, what’s stopping your from back that game via kickstarter? It has already gained $2,394 out of $5,000 and campaign is still on. Do it right now using this link!
PWNs - A Game of Strategic Mayhem -- Kicktraq Mini