Pull Santa’s Beard Kickstarter Preview

pull santa s beard

As you can see from the heading, this kickstarter project is about one of the most famous guys around the world – Santa Claus! People from all over the world are waiting for him every Christmas. Look, there he is climbing down the pipe! Pull the fire out in the fireplace, now!

To be more serious, “Pull Santa’s Beard” is a party game for you and your friends to cheer you up a little. There are two types of cards win the pile – Nice and Naughty.

First of all, you need to eat a cookie and shuffle the deck. Then, you should a card from the deck which can be Nice or Naughty. Nice card is good one, because it provides fun and the Christmas spirit. Naughty cards are for bad guys! After you got it, you will have to Pull Santa’s Beard which means to drink a glass of beer. Looks like the last man standing, isn’t it?

As for the cards, they are full of funny quests like “Kiss a player of the same sex” or “Sit on the lap of the player directly across from you for a round”. I really laughed out loud when I saw these cards!

“Pull Santa’s Beard” is on kickstarter right now and it has gained $201 out of the $3,600. It’s not a big sum of money but still, you can help the guys out by backing this LOL card game!
Pull Santa's Beard -- Kicktraq Mini