«Privateers! The Golden Decade» Kickstarter Preview

Privateers! The Golden Decade

Privateers! The Golden Decade is a pirate board game for 2-5 players. The more players you have, the more interesting the board game will be. Rob ships, comb islands for treasures, avoid sea monsters, reefs, storms, shallow waters and, of course, your fellow players. They are pirates too and they are always ready to stab you and pocket your loot.

A game board design and uses a honeycomb style, so there are always six ways to move your ships. This board is modular, double-sided and freely rotatable to provide zillion possible combinations! The gameplay includes treasures, ships, pirate coves, and bays. The bays belong to different nations that may have a truce or fight against each other. There are also a lot of random events like wind direction and changes in politics and treasure discoveries that can change the course of the game. The rules may seem complicated at the first sight. However, it won’t take long to understand and fully enjoy the game. Unlike the majority of the wargames, a combat course depends on your strategic decision instead of the usual dice rolling in each turn.

The average duration of a game is about 90 minutes. The game is very fast and breathtaking.

Do you want to see this wonderful game in the board game shop nearby? Then help the developers on the Kickstarter campaign web page. The awards for donation are generous and various.

Privateers! The Golden Decade -- Kicktraq Mini

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