«Prime Time» Kickstarter Preview

Prime Time

It’s an eternal obsession of every director, producer and actor to win the prime time. But sometimes we are so much disappointed with TV programs shown in the prime time. And some best movies and shows that we really want to see take place in the middle of the night… Prime Time is a board game where you can change this frustrating routine. Create your ideal TV schedule and make every TV viewer all across the country happy!

In the Prime Time board game you should fill the TV time with programs and movies, invite talented stars, producers and writers. Everything is to gain the best possible ratings and win over as many viewers as you can. 45 cards represent TV shows and 36 represent talents in the common version of the game. 15 tokens represent clients. 55 cubes of 6 colors represent the viewer preferences. Money tokens and bond certificates will make your revenue.

The game can be played over six rounds. On the Development phase, players can do three actions. It can be buying shows, hiring talents and firing unwanted people. On the Broadcasting phase, they make their TV schedules trying to attract TV viewers. In the Award Show once a three rounds players score their points. And in the Income phase with turn your efforts into the revenue. At the end of six rounds, players calculate their income. The richest one will win. That’s the way it goes in any real TV channel.

Prime Time is available both in English and German. It’s being successfully promoted within the Kickstarter campaign. Be in time to make your donation and be awarded with the copy of the game until it becomes expensive.

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