Presidential Election Kickstarter Preview

presidential election

Good day, everyone! As you can see from the title, we are going to make our contribution in the USA democracy! The elections are so close now and it’s time to make a vote but what about the game?

“Presidential Election” is a great competitive board game about politics and intrigues. First of all, you need to choose a candidate for a presidential post. Candidates are the real people and satirical characters from movies and history. Also, if you are favorable backer you can get extra candidates for your campaign like Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton.

To win the elections, you need to create the greatest campaign in history! Your rivals become more and more competitive while you making your pre-election campaign. You are allowed to use and dirty games to skyrocket your ratings like Scandals or Coverups. The stakes getting even bigger while moving to the Election Day! Nothing can stop you from your way to the presidential post. Don’t forget to play dirty and use strategy to spoil your opponents’ plans. Moreover, you have the media on your side, so why not to use it to ruin your opponents?

presidential election - board game

Politics has always been a dirty game but still we hope for a better future. Why not to change some things in “Presidential Election”? Who knows…

That game already has $5,741 out of the $2,016 goal. Feel free to order it via Kickstarter and back the great project!
Presidential Election: The Board Game -- Kicktraq Mini