Polyversal Game System Kickstarter Preview

Polyversal Game System

In the year of 2130, powerful corporations have destroyed Earth with their useless trials to control the weather. It will not take long until the entire planet will die. Compared to this, Mars looks the only prospect for the survival of the humanity. Not everybody is going to escape. However, the most powerful ones are ready to leave the dying Earth behind while the rest of people have to start a fight with each other to gain a survival. Some nations will rise; other will die.

Polyversal is a revolutionary board game with truly realistic 6mm models representing battle units and a battlefield where each rock on the asphalt looks like a real one. Both models and artwork are much better than you will ever expect while you are opening a box with a board game. There is more than a board game inside the box, this in the entire futuristic world.

Tanks, vehicles, and aircraft of future not only look realistic but also have a realistic set of battle characteristics. You will feel as a true battle strategist when planning the attack using these parameters. If you like the idea of this revolutionary board game, join the Kickstarter campaign!

Polyversal 6mm Miniatures Game System -- Kicktraq Mini