Political Suicide Kickstarter Preview

Do you want to be an American president? Then you have to master covering up to prevent your political suicide. The Political Suicide card game allows you to use the filthiest political mechanisms to defend and attack your political opponents.

Encourage any kind of hatred and violence the way Donald Trump does. Send your armies to Iraq to search a nonexistent nuclear weapon as George Bush has done. Deceive your wife the way Bill Clinton has done. Justify the war in Vietnam by saying that no president’s action may be illegal like Nixon did. There is only one thing that you should remember. If you cannot cover it up, you inevitably commit the political suicide.

There are eight types of cards in the game. Political suicide cards represent the outrageous crime that you have committed. You should defend these cards using Defense cards while your opponents use their Attack cards to reveal your worst crimes. There are also Special Defense cards. Preparation cards precede the attack. You can play Distract cards to defend against them. Law Change cards help you to make things legal or illegal. Swap cards swap your opponent’s Suicide cards with yours. Peek cards allow you to see your opponent’s cards. In this game, every action sequence is possible. For instance, if your opponent plants a sexy secretary to bring you to shame, you may try to defend by means of blaming Al Qaeda. The terrorists have probably forced you to commit the adultery using their guns and bombs.

Players can play for themselves or they can team up in pairs. In any way, each game is not to be repeated again. It will be different each time!

Political Suicide - The Card Game: Donald Trump Edition -- Kicktraq Mini