Plague inc: The Board Game Kickstarter Preview

The deadly danger hangs over the world. But this time you are not savior but invader.

Find out how microorganisms behave! Do you think they are powerless? Maybe we are a lot alike. Maybe they have no eyes or lungs but definitely know what they want. They want to breed and you can help them!

“Plague inc: The Board Game” the tabletop solo version of well-known conspicuous game originally designed for PC and mobile devices. It is how to spread deadly strains and wipe out the world. Each player is a unique deadly disease whose task to capture most countries area. To do that, pathogen should be influential. In this regard, game has the trait cards and many other chips thereby you can make your strain more powerful. Once countries become fully infected, controlling player may flip special die to kill them. Overall, this captures the game essence.
plague inc - board game
“Plague inc” is similar to one of the most interesting game which called “Pandemic” thus we can assume that it has dedicated to all genre fans.

The board game has already gained $282,004 although it was planned only $34,000 so, feel free to support development by donation!
Plague Inc: The Board Game -- Kicktraq Mini