«Pick the Lock» Kickstarter Preview

Pick the Lock

Dear thievish ladies and larcenous gentlemen! Let us represent a game of burglar’s chance and strategy, available in a nice wooden box. The versions in ash wood, walnut wood and wenge are available for those who will join the Kickstarter campaign for Pick the lock!

The objective of the game is to own as many treasures as you can without being robbed. Of course, nobody says that you will earn then by continuous and honest toil. You will steal them either from vaults or from your colleagues who have already stolen them from the vaults. In the end of the day, the richest thief will be the winner. All the vaults have a cunning mechanics based on the cards and numbers. Would you dare to challenge a cunning mechanism and grip the treasures inside.

Each treasure that you own both brings you closer to your victory and has a special negative effect that makes your entire loot more accessible. You may not care about the law, but you must steal wisely because everybody around the table is looking forward to securing a grip on your loot. Remember that the glory of a thief is like a double-edged sword. The more items you have stolen, the more people will be ready to backstab you in the most unexpected time.

Pick the Lock -- Kicktraq Mini