Petopia: The Backyard War Kickstarter Preview


Petopia is a funny, fast-paced game where you can easily bluff and setup traps for your friends. You can also remove traps. But be careful. If you remove a fake trap or leave a real one, you lose your health points.

The background is simple and funny. Cats and dogs start the war between each other. Both cats and dogs are hungry and angry. Everyone is ready to start the war to be the king of the backyard.

The gameplay is very straightforward. This means that it will take a very little time to learn the rules and enjoy the game. The game for 3 to 5 players requires 66 cards, 20 tokens, and a booklet. With more players, the game will be more interesting. The maximum is 8 players.

There are three card types. Trap cards have two subtypes called Fake Trap and Real Trap. They look the same when your opponent turns it over and puts it in front of you. Action card plays immediately in your turn. Quick card can be used to defend yourself. It can also help you to play mean tricks on another players during their turns.

The Kickstarter campaign has brought the authors $6,150 USD. The game was successfully raised by 234 backers January 13, 2016. The war for the backyard has started!

If you’re fond of setting traps for your friends, Petopia is a sweet tidbit for you! Also, we would like to suggest another game with kitties… Yes, that’s the Exploding Kittens! Probably, you remember it from one of our kickstarter reviews and it’s a hit! The name of that game speaks for itself. If you like to learn more about it just play it! It would an amazing experience of board games for you! So, what’s your choice, bad guys? Both of these games are incredible and worth of your attention, please comment and stay with us!

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