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Pandemonium is a board game for all the fans of old good horror films and books. If you like Spielberg, Romero, Hooper, Argento, and Carpenter, then this game is also for you. No zombies and aliens. Lots of evil servants comings through portals. Different and interesting personalities taking a chance on life in the empty building that is not empty at all if you look thoroughly. Use ingenious ideas and traps against evil beyond the gates of Pandemonium and get away from here. You have 24 hours. Unless you find the way out, you will stay here forever!

The game provides ten classical horror locations like the Pet Cemetery, the Basement, the Woods, and the Inferno. You can play for the Preacher, the Stripper, the Soldier, the Hero or any other person. Any of them has many abilities like throwing through windows or placing traps and a unique set of parameters (like fear).

Many gameplay options and modes are available. For example, there are escape, rescue, protect, survive and defeat quests. If you play Mixed Mode, one of the players will play for the evil raising monsters from hell and attempting to kill people. In the Elimination mode, players try to defeat each other using evil creatures. The game can be played by 2-5 players and can be played alone.

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