Overlords of Infamy Kickstarter Preview

Overlords of Infamy

In this board game, you can feel how it feels in the shoes of the villain. Your only ambition is to rule the entire world on the fantasy planet of Fred. There are nine antiheroes to suit all tastes. There are nine interesting characters such as a one-armed female werewolf lumberjack, a 3000 years old mad wizard, a resentful robot, a spiteful slighted beauty with her army of monsters, and even an evil-minded dog called Waffles between them. All of them are misanthropists and dream of making everyone in the world as miserable as never before.

Discover different ways of playing like stealing treasures from heroes, filthy manipulations, and espionage. Wake up your internal evil and support ravaging, violence and killing on the once peaceful fantasy planet of Fred. The good guy in this game is not you, he is the one to fight against. To do your best (I wanted to say ‘do your worst’) shift the fragile balance of the world and gain more infamy points than your opponents do. However, first, you are appreciated to join the Kickstarter campaign page and make your donation.

Overlords of Infamy -- Kicktraq Mini