Outlive Kickstarter Preview

This is the unbelievable post-apocalyptic story which takes place in the world covered with radiation. You are controlling one of four tribes which struggle for survival. Their shelter is deep underground thereby they protected from external threats. To survive they have to be careful, provident and, reasonable. Allocate your resources prudently, repair your outfit, recover your shelter and above all keep your tribe alive. Resources are barely enough. Do not hesitate for along time because your people will go hungry. Ponder on your moves, when your characters gathering food, water and supplies because even such global calamity did not make people united. They become vicious in their eternal search for survival. Rumor has it, there is Convoy coming soon, but space is not enough for everyone. You must prove your worth and take the place in it. It is worth mentioning that game is based on unique «displacement mechanic» technology that enables to feel the struggle of your people for real.
outlive - board game
It remains to be said that game has already funded for quite some time and soon it will come to an end. So, do not hesitate to support it financially on Kickstarter. Moreover, a game has gained €272,754 although the goal was only €35,000.
Outlive -- Kicktraq Mini