«Outdare! Color the Rainbow» Kickstarter Preview

Outdare! Color the Rainbow

Outdare! Color the Rainbow is a game of Art Cruz, a Graphic Artist from California. Art had an idea to create the game, where everything depends on the imagination of every game player instead of rigid rules of the game designer. Each box for this game includes a board, 198 cards, four tokens, four dice and a rulebook. The teens are most welcome to play this board game. But not only teens are welcome. The tabletop game starts with bad news. The world has run out of its imagination and lost its color. Even the rainbow has faded to gray. Every player should find new friends and bring more imagination into the world to color the rainbow again. During the game, you can walk around the block and gather the useful items. To win the game, you should get ahead of your friends and become the first one to color the rainbow.

The Kickstarter campaign for the Color the Rainbow is on. Join it, donate, and be rewarded. The reward includes different prizes. It may be a printable board game version or a journey to your preferred city in the Southern California. Be invited to the SoCal Subs restaurant by the game creators! Meet the creative team of Dulce Dice Games. It might be a new adventure in your life because every stranger is a new friend just like in the universe of this board game. It’s just the matter of time.

Outdare! Color the Rainbow -- Kicktraq Mini