Oni Kickstarter Preview

Oni Card Game

Oni is an original game suitable for small parties. It’s about the feudal Japan where you are welcome to act an unfamiliar role of a demon (or let us call it an evil spirit) that harms people and steals gold. This game will make you think strategically and train your memory in the fun and easy way, remembering the location of each card and outwitting other players.

Each player has his or her secret objective among the cards on the board. Each card represents a person celebrating the Japanese festival of spring. Happy and relaxed as they are, they don’t expect an attack of an evil spirit like you who looks out of the forest. Each successful attack brings you some gold. Each player is given four major action cards. It’s Reveal, Peek, Swap, Attack. However, you can attack only since the third turn. You should first gather some information about the cards on the table before as they are lying on the tabletop face down. But every turn all the cards on the table are rotating. And also each player can swap one his cards with one of yours. All this increases your chance to face a samurai instead of your objective. You can only deal with three nearest cards on the table and every turn each player takes a new special action card from the deck.

This board game takes 3 to 6 players and 30 to 60 minutes. Only in the end of the game you will know who the strongest evil spirit is because the superiority changes with every single turn.

Your participation in Kickstarter campaign funding can help you not only get this game but also make it more beautiful. For example, you can get the Japanese style koban coins instead of usual yellow plastic coins and miniatures instead of tokens.

Oni - A card game of memory, deception & chaos in Old Japan -- Kicktraq Mini