November Kickstarters 2015

November Kickstarter 2015

This November we got a lot of simple board games with user-friendly rules and some of them had a successful kickstarter campaign! Let’s roll!



Current status: 395% pledged

It is a board game for the fans of true horror! There are no zombies or other evil monsters, but surely you will meet evil creatures coming through the portals! Different and interesting characters who are trying to attempt on your life in the empty building which is so not empty at all if you look more attentively… Use your most insane ideas and traps to defeat evil beyond the gates of Pandemonium and escape this place and remember that you have 24 hours only! Find your way out quickly or you will stay here forever!

Pandemonium pledged 98,813$ out of 25,000$! It’s a great result and people will see this game on their tables! Well done!

Dropfleet Commander

Dropfleet Commander

Current status: 1154% pledged

This game introduces two fleets for two players. One of them is United Mankind which fights in against an alien race called Scourge in the open space. The Scourge won’t stop to enslave the entire human race! They are malice parasitic creatures and they want to control each planet in the whole universe! Meanwhile, the best and the most courageous human navy fighters will do everything to get back the conquered worlds by aliens. Every time you play this very realistic and wonderful board game you will tend to like it more and more!

This game pledged 461,791£ out of 40,000£ on kickstarter and it means that every person has a chance to play this game! Great job!

Burger Up

Burger Up!

Current status: 493% pledged

Burger Up is the tastiest board game ever! Maybe, you’ve experienced a lot of deck building games… but have you ever tried a hamburger building game? Each card shows two different ingredients you can rotate. The cards include tasty things like cheddar cheese, beef patties, red onions and etc. You start and finish each burger with a crunchy bun!

As a professional cook, you should look a step forward and choose carefully. After you placed a burger piece you can’t move it anymore and of course you can do any burger you want to. Also, you should fulfill orders of your gourmets like Hawaiian Sunrise, no onions and extra bacon. It is not easy to earn your money represented by coins and gain stars for your restaurant… So, it’s up to you how you’re going to do this!

This game is bigger that successful because it earned 46,810$ out of 9,500$! Such a great figures!

Escape from Sunset Island

Escape From the Sunset Island

Current status: 278% pledged

The Sunset Island was one of the safest places after the worldwide zombie apocalypse but it is not safe anymore and ten human survivors have to plan the escape. There are only two ways to escape – the airport and the marina. The path to the survival will be narrow and difficult.

The rules of the board game are so easy that they can be fitted on one sheet of paper! It’s a game for 2 to 10 players where only you can determine the edge between competitive and cooperative gameplay. You can play together with your friends or be the only survivor or you can be a hero or a traitor. You will need any resources for all the ways to escape the Island.

This project gained 5560$ out of 2,000$! It’s a good chance for you to get away from the Sunset Island!



Current status: cancelled

Another good old horror – style board game! For example, it reminds us the Blair Witch Project. However, this adventure will be more dangerous! A crew represented by a small group of people has landed in a rain forest. Every one of them has their secrets. Most of them are addicts, sadists and scumbags. Evil living in their hearts of impenetrable brushwood are already sharpening their knives. They are putting paint on their faces and preparing their weapons to crack down on the outsiders with unimaginable cruelty! Fountains of blood will be spilt in this game!

Unfortunately, this game has not so many backers and campaign has been cancelled… Let’s wish good luck to the designers in their new projects!

Side Quest

Side Quest

Current status: 697% pledged

If you need a pocket game with easy and splendid rules and adaptive difficulty, the Side Quest will be the best choice for you! One, two, three or four players can play this game. Ten minutes will be enough to learn the rules and enjoy the game for 30-120 minutes every time you play it! The game duration depends on the count our side quests you take. This game is small and portable so it has a lot of replayability! Also, there are a lot of variations in a little box. This game is fully cooperative and playing 1together with your friends is the key to victory!

This game has successfully pledged 27,869£ out of 4,000£! It’s an amazing success for such simple game!



Current status: unsuccessful funding

In 2136 the morality of people has been lowered after the apocalypse. Scientifically Created Undead Mutants who survived after the last war (also known as S.C.U.M.) share the Earth with human beings. Alcohol is their source of power and nor the food nor water is safe anymore. However, after the apocalypse has come, people invented a new strain of yeast to remove radioactive particles from water in the process of fermentation. Do you know what does it mean? Either drink beer or die! Who would anyone prefer to be in the tough post-apocalypse reality? Of course, a barkeeper. Being a barkeeper is a key to prosperity and power over people.

It’s sad, but this project has not reached its goal… but maybe next time everything will be different!

The Banner Saga: Warbands

The Banner Saga: Warbands

Current status: 724% pledged

Banner Saga: Warbands is a cooperative asymmetric game designed by MegaCon Games. Two to four players will try on the roles of the most influential Viking leaders during the war campaign. Quartermaster is in charge of supplies. Thane is a person who inspires warriors and influences the results of battles thanks to his oratorical skills. Warmaster is in charge of morale and training of warriors. Keeper of Names is responsible for the entire warbands. Every one of them should sometimes aggressively push their decisions and sometimes seek a compromise with other players for the good of the Warband. There are special city action and special camp action associated with each one of them. Together, they should take uneasy decisions in order to lead the warbands across the battlefields all over the map.

Banner Saga has pledged already 723,886$ out of their 100,000$ starting goal! Incredible result!

Endure the stars

Endure the Stars

Current status: 176% pledged

The action takes place on a board of a colonization spaceship. A group of genetic engineers onboard has secretly attempted to create forms of life that can survive harsh environments of the planet under investigation. The rest of the crewmembers did not know about these dangerous experiments for a while. Unfortunately, the scientific experiment went wrong and the newly created life forms left the laboratory cells and started killing everybody they happen to come across. The human survivors have to team up and face the awful creations of human mind. With every action that you take and every noise that you make, more monsters will come to attack your team from the darker corners of the spaceship. In the end of the day, survivors will have to face the most fearsome of the monsters called Titan. It will take all the skills and strategy of your team to bring this creature down.

The money amount of this project is amazing! It’s 79,286$ out of 45,000$, quite nice result!

Attack! Deluxe

Attack! Deluxe

Current status: 153% pledged

Attack! Deluxe by Eagle-Gryphon Games is a new expansion to a famous Attack board game. More than 100,000 people have bought the Attack. Now, you can participate in a Kickstarter campaign of its upgraded descendant called Attack! Deluxe. Not only the game design but also the mechanics was improved. In addition to army battles, there are navy battles with a few ship types available. Each type acts in its own way. For instance, submarines can immediately attack vessels in the docks while carriers can carry aircraft across sea-lanes and use them for an additional attack in the sea battles.

You have a chance to try this expansion! It has reached 15,302$ out of 10,000$!

Draconis invasion

Draconis Invasion

Current status: 622$ pledged

Draconis Invasion by J.J. Lay is a medieval dark fantasy world flavored with the beautiful art of Manthos Lappas and Pablo Fernandez. Players race against one another facing the evil invaders. The game ends when any player defeats his seventh enemy to gain the glory of the best champion of the kingdom.

There are a few very special features that make this board game different from other fantasy board games. At first, you will be involved into the fight against the invaders from the very first turn. The forces of invaders will include necromantic warlocks, undead creatures and even dragons. Meanwhile, the Doomsday Timer will keep you on your toes until the end of the game. At second, with more enemies you defeat, other ones will come and more terror points will make your soldiers run away in fear losing all their abilities. This makes a handicapping mechanism making the leader prove his supremacy.

Pick the lock

Pick the Lock

Current status: 934% pledged

Dear thievish ladies and larcenous gentlemen! Let us represent a game of burglar’s chance and strategy, available in a nice wooden box. The versions in ash wood, walnut wood and wenge are available for those who will join the Kickstarter campaign for Pick the lock!

The objective of the game is to own as many treasures as you can without being robbed. Of course, nobody says that you will earn then by continuous and honest toil. You will steal them either from vaults or from your colleagues who have already stolen them from the vaults. In the end of the day, the richest thief will be the winner. All the vaults have a cunning mechanics based on the cards and numbers. Would you dare to challenge a cunning mechanism and grip the treasures inside?

This game has gained 9,339$ out of 1,000$ and it’s more than their goal almost 10 (!) times! They picked all the locks!

As we can see, the more game is simple, the more it is successful on kickstarter and many designers have realized it! So, we’ll keep you informed about the latest projects on kickstarter. Which one will you choose? It’s your choice now!