Ninja Camp Kickstarter Preview

Ninja Camp Board Game

Fellows, it’s time to do some kung-fu stuff! Ninja Camp board game by Action phase Games provides us cool opportunity to make a good fight!

Each player starts with two cards and each of them represent some ninja skills. ith Players can navigate the board, using cards.

Each player has special ninja abilities. He can use them once per game to try to turn the game to his own favor. «Ninja Camp» provides hours of fun for families and for little ninjas for sure!

It was developed by Adam E. Daulton. It’s his fourth project and he has become successful and experienced with previous three games and it’s very important to him to make a high quality project. Many people tried this game during the demo-play and they loved it for the illustrations, simplicity and perfect gameplay for all the families!

This game is the newest Small Box/Big Fun game from «Action Phase Games». You can play it 2-4 players. Also, it’s a tactical card game that plays in about 30 minutes. Moreover, there is a good rulebook guide in here!

Now it’s a good opportunity to support such a wonderful game in kickstarter campaign in here!

You can buy Ninja Camp on Amazon