Nemo’s War Kickstarter Preview

Nemo's war

Have you ever read ‘Twenty Thousand Leagues under the Seas’?

Have you dreamt as a child of being the very captain Nemo, to lead the crew of Nautilus through inhospitable waters swarming with giant squads and ships of all nations?

I guess that you did. It is still not too late for these dreams to come true.

This is your time to go deep and remember the world of Jules Verne!

Immerse into the ocean of Jules Verne’s true classics. Rediscover the whole new world underneath the ocean.

Become the mysterious Nemo here and now. Travel across the deeps of the world ocean without leaving your comfortable home and win the Nemo’s war.

Nemo’s War is a board game with stylish cards and tokens. It keeps the vintage atmosphere of the immortal novel. There are not so many solitary games with a wonderful mechanics and Nemo’s War is one of them. Four objectives, three difficulty levels, and various Nautilus upgrade cards will not make you feel boring even after many times that you play the game.

The game style fully depends on you. You may drop a few ships in the sea because of their salvage regardless of your rising notoriety if you want. Otherwise, you may stay a peaceful scientist and do your research under the seas. Sometimes, you may have to make unpopular decisions. You will face Play, Keep, and Test type adventures. Some of the adventures will be tough. Sometimes you will have to sacrifice a few crew members to avoid worse consequences for the entire Nautilus crew.

Do you want this game? Then, go to the Kickstarter campaign page and help the authors.

Nemo’s War campaign has finished with over 3,000 backers and over 600% funding