«NecroVirus» Kickstarter Preview


Have you ever tried to imagine the board game of your dreams? What’s like should it be? Printable, customizable, 3D and 2D designed, different every time, immersive, keeping you on your toes and allowing you to make a new game yourself as soon as you want it. Don’t you think it’s impossible? Well. If you don’t, you are right. NecroVirus has all of these features.

Maybe, apocalypse theme is new for neither cinema nor board game industry. However the game itself is revolutionary. Guys from Boardcraft company are developers of this game. They designed professional 3D and 2D printable components and uploaded the respective models on their interactive portal. These full-color components represent a post-apocalyptic city. Streets may be wide and straight. Otherwise, you can make them crooked and narrow to necessitate a guerrilla war against zombies with hideouts and ambushes. Install each object at the new position each time that you play. You will never play the same game repeatedly. There you’ll take a chance on life with a small group of survivors. Your team has to move from one building to another looking for resources and shooting zombies. Be thrifty using the resources that are ammo, munitions, food, materials and fuel. Be careful: one bite and your character will become a zombie too. But the infection will not turn a human being into a zombie you so fast. You have a chance to kill a couple of zombies before one of your characters turns against you.

The Kickstarter campaign is on. The reward grid includes twelve tiers for the pledge sizes from $5 to $10000. Join the campaign and be rewarded.

NecroVirus Customizable Zombie Game with BoardCraft® Portal -- Kicktraq Mini