Mixin’ Sixes Kickstarter Preview

mixin sixes

Hey! BoardGameKing is online again and we present you another one impressive kickstarter project called “Mixin’ Sixes”. Quite a strange name, isn’t it? Let’s dig into it!

Well, “Mixin’ Sixes” has 6 rounds and you need to mix and match cards with negative and positive numbers and you need to make 6 point hands. The bigger the better! To win, you need to use all of your cards first

Each of the 6 rounds you will need to mix and put the positive and negative cards together in order to make as many 6-point sets as you possibly can. To win, you have to play all your cards and earn the lowest score after 6 rounds. As for the cards, there are action cards and numbered cards. Each hand with 6 points should contain 2 or 3 numbered cards. Action cards add a lot of chaos but in a funny way! Just have a look at the “Hell No!” action card which gives you a 100% protection from your opponent’s action cards. Speaking of gameplay, you’re going to use all of your action cards to destroy your opponent’s plans but beware because they’ll give you hell too!

The card game has never been so funny and twisty like in the “Mixin’ Sixes”! It has a great and unpredictable game play with all these action cards which can cause a lot of damage to your nerves or make you laugh out loud, so be prepared! The game has already gained $2,641 out of $600 via Kickstarter campaign and it has a lot of positive feedback from backers worldwide! Join in the campaign and have a great card game experience!

Mixin' Sixes -- Kicktraq Mini