Mistfall: Heart of the Mists Kickstarter Preview

Mistfall: Heart of the Mists

Heart of the Mists is an expansion of widely acclaimed card-based game set in the enthralling fiction world. The startling artwork is a reason why gamers must have it. The battle takes place between dark and light power as before. The storylines of the game are split into chapters making up an overarching narrative. There is a group of heroes at the disposal of players who are fighting for justice. Each of them has their own unique abilities which will useful in battles. There is every step being considered. The battlefield is full of enemies that can be lurked anywhere.
If you have already played this game there are no doubts to buy next part. It is worth mentioning that both parts can be played standalone or mixed.
Do you feel an approach of something special? The breathtaking adventure is waiting for you. So, let yourself immerse in it.
The game is already funded on Kickstarter and gained $96,588 up to this point, although the goal was only $20,000. So, feel free to support it because soon funding will come to an end.