«Mech Defense» Kickstarter Preview

Mech Defense

In Mech Defense cooperative board game, you and your friends play for a little mechanized mercenary squad called Crimson Fist. Are are trying to protect the only supply bridge heading to the city of Kelmova.

The game uses over 500 cards to change the complete game process with every enemy killed, each skill acquired, and each explosive used. After each mission completion, the city of Kelmova pays you a bounty for each battle success. You can use it to upgrade your squad. The enemy has different units including carriers, flying battleships, tanks, and mechs. Each one of them has different parameters including damage, armor, and shields. Unlike the most wargames, the game provides a universal system to upgrade non-player enemy units using upgrade scheme and stickers with new enemy parameters. You can attach stickers of next level to the card with enemy unit parameters. The enemy unit level depends on the kill count.

Multiple enemies will try their best to sweep your squad off the way and destroy the city of Kelmova. You are the only ones who can stop them. However, if any enemy unit achieves the base, it damages the base and nothing can reduce its damage throughout the campaign.

If you want to stand on the enemies’ way and protect the city of Kelmova, you should possibly protect the game itself before. The Kickstarter campaign is on. Join it and donate.

Mech Defense -- Kicktraq Mini

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