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Masamune: Shining Forge Academy is a deck-building board game where you are one of these pupils chosen to stand the year in the academy. You and your opponents are given equal decks of cards, 12 cards for every player. During the game, you are training your army of living weapons called Chibis. Teach them powerful techniques to protect the academy from monstrous inhabitants of the forests nearby. Five times monsters will attack you and you should kick them back to pass your exams. If the monsters survive a counter attack of your army, they attack your pupil. Being attacked, the pupil discovers his new abilities but lowers his grade at the end of the game.

At the beginning of the board game, you choose your personage between two twins able to transform into weapons, a boy raised by tigers, a keeper of spring and a former villain who strived to destroy the academy. Then you buy your Chibis from the forge to build your deck and train them. The game ends after the final fifth exam. Afterwards, the pupil with the most defeated monsters wins.

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