Make a Mess Kickstarter Preview

Make a Mess

Make a mess! This is the name of a board game about the cats as they are: naughty, cunning, obnoxious. Regardless of these little disadvantages, they are cute and we love them very much. You can play this board game with your friends, with your family, with your cat. Well, maybe the latter is not the best idea. But yet you can try.

The author of the board game Delphin Druelle has based it on the plot of the Catsass comics. Play the role of the very Catsass, make a real calamity in every room of the house and get away with all of your little fluffy crimes. To do so, you should take care not to be in the room where parents chip lies. What is it like, being a cat? It is much more difficult than you may think.

Each player starts with 11 cards. Three of them are Bonus cards, others are Prank cards. One of them rolls the dice to move parents from one room to another. You can move your cat wherever you want and play a Prank card. You can also use your Bonus cards against your opponents at this point. Each Prank card has its level of nastiness. If your nastiness exceeds 10, you have to put a Paw Pawn to take the responsibility for all that you have done. If the parents catch you where you Paw Pawn is, the game is over for you. To win the game, be the first one to play all the Prank cards from your hand. At least, be the last cat standing!

Make a Mess: the board game inspired by the comic Catsass! -- Kicktraq Mini