«Magination» Kickstarter Preview


Creativity starts with imagination and imagination starts with Magination! The set of magnets will bring you more fun than a conventional deck of cards. It’s not just one game, but a variety of terrific board games. You can play almost unlimited count of games. The only thing that limits you is your bottomless source of inspiration and imagination!

All you need to play a many different games is a set of pieces: the Single, Double and Triple. You can choose the colors freely. The pieces are designed to interact together in many ways. These ways are pushing, pulling, shooting, connecting, and stacking. They can make up different shapes and raise your spirits without finding anything out.

You will have to learn no complicated gameplays and boring rules. Authors do not impose any rules at all. Instead, they suggest creating the game together with you. They developed the games in the most simple and modifiable way for you to have as much fun as it is possible!

Please join the Kickstarter campaign and soon you will find yourself inventing new ways to play with magnetism.

Magination - How does it work? -- Kicktraq Mini

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