Magicka Mayhem Kickstarter Preview

Magicka Mayhem

Nobody has as much imagination as a child does. We suggest you to discover Magicka Mayhem board game. Ten years old Ethan from California has come up its idea and produced the game with his father’s help at some points. With all this, this game will be interesting for novice magicians of any ages.

This is a board game about fiery killing lightings, creature summoning, and spell casting. There is a plenty of spells to kill your enemies one by one or to destroy them at once with a ferocious rain of death. You will also have many spells to protect yourself and your friends against the spells of other players. Possibly, those who have survived your sorcery will readily name you their friend due to their fear of your next action. The magic will never stop unless the fireball flies onto the face on the magician who has created it. Good luck! You have this kind of chance. Unlike many other games, in the Magicka Mayhem, you can never be sure that your spells achieve their destination. Your target may move, your spells may slip, and your sorcery may turn against you. If this happens, the Mayhem cards will change the entire situation.

As Harry Potter has said, the spell casting is not a perfect science. However, you have a chance to study and master it!

Magicka Mayhem: The Card Game of Elements, Spells & MAYHEM! -- Kicktraq Mini