Lotus Dimension Kickstarter Preview

lotus dimension

Hey, folks! What about an off the wall RPG game? Well, we have something special for you! Meet the “Lotus Dimension”! This game was inspired by the most famous RPG universe “Dungeons & Dragons”. In “D&D” you need to design your character with particular skills and then work as a team using your characters to kill monsters and villains, use magic skills and search treasures and etc.

But let’s go back to “Lotus Dimension”. So, what is so special about it? First of all, “Lotus Dimension” is about story, adventures and magic. You will need a lot of creativity and team building skills to win it and moreover, this game provides such a great opportunity to solve your projective without any violence! Just imagine – you can use the principles of nonviolence in the game with a sci-fi and fantasy setting.

As for the setting, it takes place in a futuristic world where portals are opened up and they can lead you to the other realms from Earth. You need to work together with your friends to travel these realms and solve all of the objectives in scripted quests.

Speaking of characters, you can customize them like you want to! There are a lot of character’s types like hacker, parkour specialist, mystic and so on. It’s completely up to you how you’re going to play that game.

“Lotus Dimension” has already pledged $21,251 out of their $15,000 goal and they still need your support and comments! Follow the link and spread the word!

Lotus Dimension - A New Game -- Kicktraq Mini