Little Drop of Poison Kickstarter Preview

Little Drop of Poison

The Little Drop of Poison is a board game where you should test all your insidiousness in order to win. This is about an old feud between weasels and rats where everyone likes secret poisoning their enemies rather than showing outward violence.

The game consists of assassination rounds where players try to poison each other. Put your poison cards face down next to the character that you want to poison. When the round is over, players reveal their cards to see who is dead and who is still alive. There is no target limitation, you will gain victory points for the assassination of both enemies and friends and however, you gain more points for enemies are even more for their king. Do not forget that if you are the only survivor besides the king, the king will definitely know who tried to poison him. If you like this idea, become the next backer of the Kickstarter project and be rewarded.

Little Drop of Poison -- Kicktraq Mini