Life and Legend Kickstarter Preview

life and legend

Hello, friends! It’s December now and New Year and Christmas holidays are just about to begin and we all want something special. Magic adventures and unknown lands are attractive because in winter it’s time to believe in miracles! Today, we are going to present you “Life and Legend” by Lost Age games which is about adventures and wandering. Let’s get into it!

In “Life and Legend” you will play as an adventurous wanderer who’s trying to find truth, power, justice or even fame or fortune… But beware of the obstacles on your way and keep your eyes open all the time because the danger is somewhere around.

Let’s have a closer look at the game play. There are three decks – Legend Deck, Life Deck and Background Deck.

life and legend - gameplay

Legend Deck consists of Relics, Events and adventures.

Life Deck consists of Trait-Cards, Exceptional Trait-Cards and Traumas.

Background Deck consists of Life Stories, Life Paths and Life Achievements.

The game play itself takes place in four areas: World, Play Area, Legend Area and Hand.

The World has 4 Legend cards face down located in a square. By making these cards face-up players can explore the World.

Play Area allows players to place the cards they have.

Legend Area is located in a Play Area. Here players places Completed Adventures and Completed Wanders.

Hand is where a player keeps cards secretly from the opponents.

Now, it’s time to have a look at how the Turns are carried out in this game. First of all, The Turn consists of four phases which has to be played in order:

1) Contemplation

2) World

3) Life

and 4) Resolution.

The winner is a player who has the most Legends emptied. The most adventures you complete, the closer is the victory of yours!

“Life and Legend” is truly an unusual and greatly designed project which must become a real Legend for all the players! It is now on kickstarter and it has $3,503 out of $5,000 and there is much time left for the pledge to be completed. So, take a stand and take part in the greatest adventure of your entire life!

Life & Legend - An Adventure Card Game -- Kicktraq Mini