«Legends of Draxia» Kickstarter Preview

Legends of Draxia

Legends of Draxia is a fantasy card game by Mythica Gaming. It combines, fighting, building making and magic in its mechanics. Each turn, you gain different resource types which allow you to fulfill your objectives in many ways. You can also trade by exchanging the resources. The board gamy is easy to start but takes skills to master.

The strategy of the game fully depends on the hero that you have chosen. You may be a marksman, a barbarian, a thief, an assassin, a cleric or whoever you want to be. There are many characters. Every character has special victory conditions. It may be, for example, kill counts, spells or built cathedrals. It’s like a fight on many directions. Don’t let your opponents beat you by constructing buildings while you are fighting your monsters. Don’t let them beat you my magic while you are building your city. Buildings help you to gain resources. Magic spells help you to build your city and slay monsters.

Be in time to take part in the Kickstarter campaign here. Don’t miss the special rewards including naming characters, signed cards, artwork, t-shirts in addition to the game deliveries and expansions. You may also become a knight in the shining armor.

Legends of Draxia -- Kicktraq Mini