Latitude 90° The Origin Kickstarter Preview

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Good day, dear subscribers! Today’s project is going to be the favorite among the fans of “The Thing” movie by John Carpenter. In this social game you are going to face with the infection that makes people violent creatures. Let’s have a closer look at it!

“Latitude 90°” is a social deduction game which uses mobile platform and there are no such typical mechanisms like sleeping or dying (“Mafia”or “Werewolf”). The thing is that this game uses so called virtual generator which creates the clues in the real time. Try to get as much information as you can from your friendly Researchers and feel free to share yours and work as a team.
latitude 90 - overview

You play as an Antarctic Researcher who takes part in a scientist team. The ancient creature is hiding somewhere and it has infected one of your colleagues. To seek the infected guys you will have to use all your knowledge and experience as a scientist like isolating biological samples, conducting experiments and performing tests. Many social deduction games can’t afford you to play more if the group votes against you and you just die. In this game you just join another team and the game continues. Moreover, if you are the only one who’s not infected in the group you can still win the game using your deduction and logic!

What People Are Saying about The Origin?

To sum it up, “Latitude 90°” can become one of the influential projects because of its high-replayability and interactive gameplay. You can still support this game via Kickstarter. “Latitude 90°” has already gained $12,007 out of their $20,000 goal and there are still 14 days remaining. It’s time to catch the moment and back this game or the infection will spread out and there will be no survivors!

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