«Last Stand» Kickstarter Preview

Last Stand Board Game

Now it’s time to speak about some tactical board game stuff. Gentlemen, we present you the «Last Stand» which is presented on kickstarter!

Developing team is:

  • Game Design – Ryan McDowell
  • Artist – Jayson Kretzer
  • Colorist – Andrew Pate

Your team of heroes is surrounded by so many enemies… And you must lead them to victory at all costs!

This game is cooperative and you should act thoroughly with other players. You use special skills of your heroes to do that. This game has 6 different heroes to choose from. They are – Combat Medic, Demolitionist, Sharpshooter, Brawler, Heavy Support and Femme Fatale. Each character has its own capabilities and special powers. What ability and character will you prefere? Everything depends on you! Maybe you have some covered talents of a good leader… Nobody knows.

Also, game mechanics include three generals who will test your might. They are – The Watcher, The Beast and The Firestarter. Each general has its tactics and you should think of your tactics to win the game.

The mechanics in this game are very different and your tactics depends on the situation. It’s kind of thrilling!

It’s time for you to help this project! Check this kickstarter campaign link.

Project has been canceled.

Last Stand - A Cooperative Action Board Game -- Kicktraq Mini