«Last Front» Kickstarter Preview

Last Front

Last Front is a card strategy board game about the Second World War. The game includes a rulebook, 16 territory cards, 17 event cards, unit cards including Troops, Tanks, Planes and Defenses and special cards changing the unit strengths. Some special cards show faces of the military leaders, famous soldiers, and spies. Territory cards gain bonuses for the player who acquires them. For example, USA gains a bonus to the Troops, USSR gains a bonus to the Defenses and Great Britain gives the player the famous air superiority proclaimed by Winston Churchill. The game can be played without any expansions, but the expansions like Pacific Expansion can make it even more interesting.

The board game takes 3-6 players and 45-60 minutes. During this time, players make so-called bids using cards from their hands trying to overbid one another. If any player cannot overbid the first player, the player withdraws from the battle. The player having the best score regarding all the active bonuses occupies the territory being currently in the game. Then the players continue fighting trying to occupy another territory. Victory conditions depend on the player count.

Kickstarter campaign is on until September 9. Help the game to be born. The game developers strongly need your assistance.

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