Last Chip Standing: Devil’s Luck Kickstarter Preview

last chip standing

Wild West has always been an attractive place for adventurers and those who seek gold. Many tried to get rich, many died and many are out of sight and out of mind… Would you become an outlaw or would you try to upkeep the order? “Last Chip Standing: Devil’s Luck” will show the way!

“Last Chip Standing” is as simple as a piece of cake. Playing time is around 10 minutes, but what an impressive experience you will have! To mention about the rules, they are placed on one single page.

What really distinguishes “Last Chip Standing” from the rest of the chip passing games is its “luck” mechanics:

  • Bad Luck: you can roll a bandit which indicates to another player, and that player can steal one of your chips.
  • Reverse Luck: you can roll a lucky horseshoe, and do the opposite action of what your other dice say.
  • Fool’s Luck: you can roll a horseshoe with only 1 die remained and get a chip from the pot.
  • Hard Luck: you can roll two horseshoes, and each player has to put a chip in the pot.
  • Devil’s Luck: you can roll any 3-of-a-kind and take over a chip from up to 3 outlaws.

last chip standing - dice

Dice, single-page rules, chips and Wild West setting… What else can be desired to have fun among your friends and family? “Last Chip Standing” has gained 2,001$ out of its 1,000$ goal via kickstarter campaign and it still has 7 days more. So, it’s time get on your horse, load up your Colt revolver and ride to the Gold Rush!

Last Chip Standing: Devil's Luck - A Game of Dice & Chance -- Kicktraq Mini