Last Cat Standing Kickstarter Preview

last cat standing

Cats are the cutest and most popular animals around the world! We all love them and now we have the board game about them. Yes, we all remember about the “Exploding Kittens” but the game we are going to present is totally different! Meet the “Last Cat Standing”!

It is an easy to learn and funny party game for 2-4 players. Also, it is quite a fast-paced, because it takes about 15 – 30 minutes to play. Such a good choice for a party, isn’t it?

As for the gameplay itself, it’s so easy! First, you need to choose a player to start the game from. He or she can be the youngest or the tallest, or maybe the cattest? So, it’s totally up to you! Then you can attack you opponent with, for example, “Schrodinger Cat” or “Cat Fight” cards. The thing is that you will need to count the points on your cards to figure out the actions you take. By the way, you have nine lives and they indicate your health. If you lose all of them you die! It’s very simple. Also, you can hide and evade an attack. Variations are infinite!

This project has gained £497 out of £27,500 and there is still some time to back it up. Just use this link and make things possible for such a purr-purr game!
Last Cat Standing -- Kicktraq Mini