Land of Zion Kickstarter Preview

land of zion

Sometimes, we all want to live in fantasy, where we can be brave warriors or powerful wizards… But what can open the gates into this world? Of course, a good old board game can help you to forget about your routine and get you back in childhood! You’re lucky today, because we have the “Land of Zion”, which is one of such games!

That game is a huge mix of many board game elements like resource management, dice rolling, tactical stuff and etc… It takes 2-4 players to clash in a battle on quite large game board for 45 minutes (or even for an hour!) of unstoppable action!

The game’s goal is very simple – you need to bring all the opponents HP’s to 0 by moving your characters and using resources across the game board. As for the characters, there are 7 classes of them and there are 140 of them. Cards combinations are almost infinite to play!

land of zion - boardgame

The characters themselves are all quite different and they have their special abilities. For example, Marauders using their strength in close combat, while the Prophets are some kind of wizards and they fully rely on their magic skills.

Though that game is cancelled on Kickstarter, we hope that it will be live soon and it’s worth your attention because of the high replayability and gameplay variants. Sometimes, it’s difficult to build and promote such big projects, but still they can become the greatest ones. Support them and don’t forget to subscribe and comment. See you all later next time and take care of yourselves!