Kingdom Death: Monster Kickstarter Preview

kingdom death monster

Nowadays we have a lot of zombie survival horror setting board games with a lot of typical characters and miniatures. All of them are good and worth the attention, but now we have a very special head-blowing project from kickstarter called Kingdom Death: Monster!

Kingdom Death Monster is not only about a survival horror. It’s about a great cooperation opportunity for each player! You will need to fight for your life against bloody fearsome and disgusting monsters to build a new civilization from scratch where human beings are at the bottom of a food chain.

kingdom death - in the box

Some monsters and characters look like the ones from WarHammer universe. For example, you can see the familiar guys armed with giant swords in huge body armor like the Blood Ravens marines. They look brutal and fearless!

Moreover, that game has an enormous sum on their kickstarter campaign kickstarter campaign page. It is $7,143,949 out of just $100,000! Just imagine what game can be created with such a talented developer and the money they gained. It’s unbelievable!

Some time ago, we had a preview for Exploding Kittens which gained over $8,000,000 and it’s also a quite huge sum! So, it means that all of the projects can be successful. You just need to believe and make a good product! Stay tuned to our news, comment and subscribe!

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Kingdom Death: Monster 1.5 -- Kicktraq Mini

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  1. Nice article, I’m excited to see where this one goes. I just finished painting some of the starting models.

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