January Kickstarter Board Games 2016

This January has passed very quickly… but still, we keep an eye on the boardgame industry and we prepared new kickstarter diamonds for you! Check them out!

Nemo’s war

Nemo's war

Current status: over 600% pledged

Nemo’s War is a board game which presents us original cards and tokens. You can really feel the vintage spirit of the immortal novel! There are not so many solo games with remarkable mechanics and Nemo’s War is one of them. There are four different objectives, three levels of difficulty and a lot of Nautilus upgrade possibilities will not make you feel bored even after many hours that you play that game!

The game style depends only on you – you can drop a few ships in the sea due to save them regardless of your increasing notoriety if you want… or you can stay a peaceful scientist and make your research under the seas. It’s for you to decide!

This games is fantastically pledged 239,918$ with help of 3007 backers! Such a great numbers!



Current status: successfully pledged

Petopia is a funny game with fast gameplay where you can bluff and set traps for your friends easily! The background is quite simple – Cats and dogs are at the path war between each other… Both cats and dogs feel hunger and anger! Everyone is ready to start the battle to be the Backyard King!

The gameplay is amazingly straightforward – this means that it will not take much time to learn the rules and enjoy this colorful game. The game for 3 to 5 players requires 66 cards, 20 tokens and a booklet. The more players – the more interesting game will be! The maximum quantity of players is 8.

Game has successfully pledged 6,150$!



Current status: 430% pledged

Many people are not happy with their cities because of heavy taxation, bad policies and insufficient public institutions. If you were one of the politicians, you would certainly remake the entire system to make it work in an effective way. Do you think like that? With CitiesUP board game, you will have a chance to make your dreams come true!

The game is quite expandable with new playing features and better simulation mechanics, the designs are ready and hundreds of test plays are held! The estimated shipping date is July 2016. This game will be completely different from other city building boardgames.

That game reached €25,790 out of €6,000! Such a great support!

The Exiled: Siege

the exiled siege

Current status: 244% pledged

The Exiled: Siege is a board game which represents a siege with former outlaws on one side and barbarians with their evil creatures on the other one.

There are two game modes – first mode is where all the players may defend their towns against endless waves of NPC’s. Second one is about becoming a barbarian commander and taking over the buildings of foreign invaders one by one.

The king gave the outlaws the last chance – to purge for their crimes, they must raise fortresses on the very edge of the kingdom to hold the barbarian attacks! The walls will rise and commanders train the armies in a rush because the enemy is already aware of the hostile presence…

Crowds of furious natives believe that these territories belong to them… They will drive strangers out of these territories at all costs!

Another successfully pledged game for you – 73,184$ out of 30,000$!



Current status: successfully pledged

A.D.A.P.T. is the craziest game which has cards and dice mechanics. Players have to adapt a few tiny Guppy Fish with help of body upgrades as fast as they can in to become the Master Killer Fish!

First, each player has a Guppy card and Experience Die (which is d20). You need to place the Guppy card face up as your Body and set each Experience Die to 1. Place all the unused Guppy cards aside. Then, shuffle the rest of the cards into a deck and place it in the Common Play Area. Deal cards face up into the Gene Stream and star with the highest numbered slot and leave a space for a Discard Pile at the end. The last thing to do is to deal cards face up into the Gene Stream, starting at the highest numbered slot, with space for a Discard Pile at the end.

You still can support John Wrot and his project! Now it is $25,324 out of $26,000 goal and there are still 13 days left! Use this link to follow the project’s page and pledge money! Hurry up!

As we can see, almost all of these games are fully pledged and they still supported by the boardgame community! We will keep you informed about all the new games and tendencies in the industry. Stay with us, comment and feel free to choose the game you like in this list! See you all later!