Jailbreakers: Plan Your Escape Kickstarter Preview

Jailbreakers Plan Your Escape Board Game

The Jailbreakers: Plan your Escape was released by Qullus Games company. It’s easy to learn the rules and start playing. Each one plays for a group of prisoners planning to get out from the jail. Have you ever known that it may be so funny to get out of the jail? But you have to plot a lot of things before. Gather everything you need to make the items that will help you to feel the taste of freedom. Every cloth on the floor can help you to break free. Just use your brain to understand how. And do not forget that you the guards always watch you.

The game progress consists of a few easy steps. Each player rolls a die, takes a card and makes an action associated with the card. It may be collecting materials or stealing from other players. Then the player makes a useful tool from the materials found before. And then, he is ready to use them to execute your promising escape plan.

There will be a lot of plans: every freaking idea you can generate from putting on a guard’s uniform with making a good old bed dummy to digging a passage under the jail building. All of the plans are pretty risky but effective. If you don’t want to lose, pay as much attention to the preparation as you can.

If you want to win this game, you need to implement any plan available. Two prisoners of your team should become free people. All the other players will try to do the same actions in the same time. And you will need a good luck just like all the jailbreakers do.

The box contains 12 six-sided dice and many cards. 12 cards of prisoners, 3 cards of guards, 25 cards of materials (5 metal, 5 cloth, 5 tape, 5 wood and 5 rope cards), 20 cards of crafted items, 12 cards of location, 11 cards of escape plans, 10 cards for successful escape and 10 cards for failed escape will help you to enjoy the game.

Jacqui Davis from Logic Fairy Ltd has drawn the entire play set. Her cartoon-like style is easy to recognize. Brent Howland has designed the game itself. He is a part-time designer who works for Google in his full-time job.

Do you want to help the game developers? Just go to the Kickstarter campaign page here and contribute to the Jailbreakers. The campaign is on until July 22.

You can buy Jailbreakers on Amazon