«Insurgent Squad» Kickstarter Preview

Insurgent Squad

Insurgent Squad is a combination of four board games. They are completely different but share the same idea. These four parts of Insurgent Squad are Silicon Anarchy, Real Villain Game, Historical Conqueror East and Historical Conqueror West. You can play each tabletop game separately of four games together. The Insurgent Squad maps represent those of real cities like Miami, Edinburgh and others. These maps can be used as tiles to make up a bigger tabletop game for 16 people.

Thus, you have five board games with 16 personalities. We can call them heroes or anti-heroes. The maximum player quantity is 16. They are famous politicians, prosperous businessmen, and creative inventors. Some of them lived and died in their time, but in the year of 2027 scientific inventions brought them to life. Historical chronology makes no sense any more. You can meet Abraham Lincoln, Muammar Gaddafi, Joseph Stalin, Vladimir Putin and many others. Intelligent and ambitious as they are, they will start fighting. In the beginning, it’s not an open conflict, but a concealed confrontation. By means of the business, politics and inventions, they try to eliminate each other. Everybody builds skyscrapers, gathers resources and gains the power to challenge the others. Every hero has his own way to gain the power over the world. Someone should build a financial empire in the center of San Francisco. Someone should take a chance on everything in a casino or in a stock exchange. And someone has to go through the prison.

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