Incantris Kickstarter Preview


The Kingdom of Aldramere has been suffering from war for a very long time. Now the magical energy is released and it can ruin the whole world. To solve all the disagreements, both rivals decided to carry out the battle of three champions. These fine gentlemen will clash in a battle to find out who’s the Aldamere’s champion!
incantris - in box
“Incantris” will guide you to the world of magic combats where you take control the team of three wizards. It’s up to you which powers you’re going to use against your opponents. It could be the meteor rain or calling the bear spirit and etc. The thing is to use them properly and to think every single step! Each of the wizard team has different abilities and set of spells which makes the gameplay more energetic and dynamic.
incantris - miniatures
Incantris is played during several rounds. Each turn, a player can use only one wizard. Wizards can cast a spell and move or move and then cast a spell. When the spell casting and movement is over, the turn goes to the next player. As for the rules and winning the game, everything depends on the scenario. For example, in the Battle Royale scenario a player who has at least one wizard on the arena while the others are dead is the winner. It is worth mentioning, that players can purchase some items for their wizards to make them stronger like Winged Boots, different potions, Crystal Coin and etc.

The game is launched on Kickstarter and it gained $10,618 out of $25,000. The magic world of Aldramere is waiting for you and it’s time to dive into it! Support the project via Kickstarter or download it as a print-and-play version.
Incantris -- Kicktraq Mini