Immortal Kickstarter Preview

Immortal Board Game

Immortal is a mythology board game where all the personages are the gods. The time has come. All-mighty ancient gods face each other in the great battle. No prophet can foresee the outcome of this battle and no man can change it. Only you, an ordinary mortal human being, are the one who will control the power of the gods to lead them to the victory.

Immortal is a unique strategy board game for 2-4 players and 72 characters. They all are born from the ancient myths and united into 4 pantheons with different game styles and abilities: Norse, Greek, Japanese and Native American. Expanding battlefields, consisting of the double-sided tiles, will help you to plan and go all the way from the start.

You can achieve victory by a few different ways like aggression, defense and their combination. There are a few different options to play the game like the Team Battle, Skyrim and Chaos. It makes the game interesting to replay again and again.

Who is stronger: great Odin or wise Athena? Can Brother Bear beat Minotaur? Who controls thunder and lightning better: Thor or Zeus? Who knows? Only you can figure out. All you need is a set of 72 character cards, 8 double-sided board fragments, 4 reference sheets and over 160 tokens and markers.

Would you like to contribute to the Immortal project? The project needs your help. Please go to Kickstarter page here and make your donation. The Kickstarter campaign in on until July 24.

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