Hunters Mark Kickstarter Preview

Hunters Mark

This breathtaking tabletop game gives you the most brutal job in the world. To beat the monsters you’ll need to co-operate with your opponents. Hunters Mark provides you the over-the-top storyline, spooky monster fights and perilous lairs to rob. Welcome to the daring world where the only things wilder than raging monsters are the hunters tasked to exterminate them. Plaything includes everything you need to expand your world. In particular monster trophies, a new option for characters! Are you ready to explore lairs and takedown the fiercest creatures of the land? Smart enough to go toe-to-toe with monsters of legend to become a legend yourself? Rise to the call and make your mark! Inspired by most popular action role-playing video games, developers worked for over six months coming up with Hunters Mark. We love this book and we hope you will too. A few words about Hunters Mark – Hunters Mark is a sourcebook  that contains crafting, new monsters, rules and monster hunts to take a party from level 1 to 10+.
Hunters Mark - board game
Plaything has already exceeded the fund-raising plan and has gained $826. (Initially, goal is $3,500). Feel free to support the project via Kickstarter, just click on the website link!
Hunters Mark: Long Live the Hunt! New 5E options! -- Kicktraq Mini