Hope Kickstarter Preview


In the distant future, technological powers, political stability and collective intelligence allow 193 billion people to live in peace until the unthinkable happens. The Universe begins to implode rapidly. The fate of mankind is in the hands of the heroes of HOPE. All humanity looks to it as the last chance, dimensional jump, terraforming. Heroes must reach the distressed planets to terraform before it’s too late. It is now possible to travel to the further reaches of the Universe trough dimensions. Pioneers are coming to transform hostile planets into new habitable worlds. But these technologies are still unstable and full of surprises. Every step has the consequences and betrayer might be lurking amongst you. Now it is up to you as head of a lead H.O.P.E mission squad. Your goal is to drop your pioneers from galaxies to galaxies and spread life into the darkest worlds. We need you! Join the H.O.P.E!
hope - board game
Developers rely on unique 3D illusion board to immerse the players in the game. This feature makes HOPE one of the only games to call in this visual effect. It is worth mentioning that the game will be in French and English.
This plaything has already gained $57,798. (Initially, goal was only $25, 000) Feel free to support the project via Kickstarter because you can make your own contribution to the development of this amazing game! Just click on the website link!
HOPE - The Board Game -- Kicktraq Mini